Issues & Policy Important issues facing McKinney and policy changes needed to act upon those issues.

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1. Measure Success

  • A. Identify ALL Economic Development Subsidies
  • B. Disclosure of Subsidy Spending and Company Compliance
    • Require the City of McKinney to release company-specific information on the type and amount of subsidies they grant, the benefits companies have promised to create, and the track record of companies in complying with those obligations
    • Implement a scoring system that will track and measure subsidies right from their inception
    • Sample Subsidy Score Card

      Sample Subsidy Score Card

  • C. Identify each Inter-fund Transfer in the City Budget
    • Require the City of McKinney to specifically document when approved budgeted dollars for one fund are then transferred to another. In fiscal Year 2014-15 these currently hard-to-trace budget fund transfers are expected to be nearly $63 million dollars
  • D. Taxpayer Right-To-Know
    • Provide the City of McKinney Taxpayers an annual report disclosing the cost and performance of city programs. We need to “Measure The Success” of each and every city program so taxpayer dollars are not spent without concern for a measurable return to the residents of McKinney.

2. Economic Development Reforms

  • A. Negotiate Community Benefits Agreements (CBAs) with developers on ALL projects
    • Make economic development projects accountable for all the promises they make to the community, for example creating new “Quality Jobs
  • B. Require Money-Back Guarantees / Clawbacks
    • Create clauses in city subsidy laws that require a company to return all or part of the value of a subsidy if the company fails to meet their agreed upon obligations
  • C. Broaden our Economic Development Scope to promote robust economic growth for current businesses
  • D. Ensure a “Quality Jobs” standard
    • Require that subsidized companies create full-time positions paying livable wages and/or providing health insurance and other benefits
    • The “Quality Jobs” standards should be in writing so there is no question from any developer what the residents of McKinney expect when it comes to new quality jobs creation; for example specific wage levels and what constitutes full-time hours
  • E. Broaden the scope of development services to include business liaison services
    • Add a section to the development services report to track and assist in completing all open permits and applications

3. Invest in the People

  • A. Focus Community Development Corporation (CDC) Spending on Community Projects & Park Development
    • CDC Money is generated from the 4B (Community Development) Sales Tax which is currently 1/2 cent in the City of McKinney; We want to make sure these tax dollars (expected to be $9.75 million dollars for fiscal year 2014-15) are used for community development projects and NOT used as an extension of economic development feeding larger private projects
    • Exceed ADA standards for playgrounds at future community parks, and during redesign/upgrades of existing parks
    • Conduct a feasibility study, including a path to public & private funding, for a Miracle League Special Needs Sports & Activity Center
  • B. Expand the scope of CDC to cultivate community non-profits into independent benchmark programs that serve a vibrant community
  • C. Follow “Smart Growth” Principles for ALL City of McKinney Development
    • 1. Mixed land uses
    • 2. Take advantage of compact building design
    • 3. Create a range of housing opportunities and choices
    • 4. Create walk-able neighborhoods
    • 5. Foster distinctive, attractive communities with a strong sense of place
    • 6. Preserve open space, farmland, natural beauty, and critical environmental areas
    • 7. Strengthen and direct development towards existing communities
    • 8. Provide a variety of transportation choices
    • 9. Make development decisions predictable, fair, and cost effective
    • 10. Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration in development decisions
  • D. Create a platform of best practices which fosters a voluntary partnership between business leaders, non-profits, and other community organizers

4. Water Conservation

  • A. Encourage all City of McKinney businesses and residents to voluntarily implement Best Management Practices of the Texas Water Development Board
  • B. Stronger enforcement and penalties for those who knowingly ignore water restrictions
  • C. Continued research and adoption of new and innovative water conservation measures to reduce consumption, increase reuse and gain the most benefit as measured through cost-effectiveness analysis

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